Dolci Impronte - Tray of 12 vanilla croissants


Dolci Impronte - Tray of 12 vanilla croissants

Delivered in vacuum-packed trays. The tray has the following measurement: 28cm x20cm, net weight 168gr

Get ready for single sale.

Both the single cabinet containing two trays and the double cabinet containing four trays are supplied as a display, sold separately..

With the first order, a table display will be delivered, to be placed near the products, with a QR code that refers to the composition and analytical components.

Cereal flour (soft wheat), water, milk, animal fat (lard),
yeasts (brewer's yeast), vanilla flavor 1%, salt, brushed with egg,
preservative additives: E200 Sorbic acid, E202 Potassium sorbate.

Analytical Components:
Crude oils and fats 16.33%, Crude protein 6.38%, Crude ash 1.52%, Crude fiber 1.02%.

Complementary food for dogs of all ages.
Recommended ration: 10% of the weight of the normal daily diet. Serve with plenty of fresh water on the side

Food and Health Supervision Authorization - MO - Prot. 0088901/16 of 26/11/2016

EN -When opened, consume preferably within 8 months from the date of the production batch, keeping the products away from direct light and heat sources. They do not require refrigeration.

FR -Une fois ouvert, à consommer de préférence dans les 8 mois suivant la date du lot de production, en gardant les produits à l'abri de la lumière directe et des sources de chaleur. Ils ne nécessitent pas de réfrigération.

DE- Nach dem Öffnen vorzugsweise innerhalb von 8 Monaten ab Herstellungsdatum verbrauchen und die Produkte von direktem Licht und Wärmequellen fernhalten. Sie benötigen keine Kühlung.

ES -Una vez abierto, consumir preferentemente dentro de los 8 meses siguientes a la fecha del lote de producción, manteniendo los productos alejados de la luz directa y fuentes de calor. No requieren refrigeración.

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