Dolci Impronte® Orange Biscuit 20 gr


Dolci Impronte® Orange Biscuit 20 gr

Delicious biscuit for dogs in the shape of an orange slice, weight 20gr.

Measures 4.5cm

Packaged in a bag with ribbon.

Cereal flour (soft wheat), butter, fructose,
  eggs, by-products of beekeeping (honey),
  preservatives: E200 Sorbic acid, E202 Potassium sorbate.
  Decoration with products of the pastry industry.
  Analytical components: Total sugars expressed in sucrose 92%,
  Starch 75%, Fat content 24.4%, Crude protein 11.34%,
  Moisture <6%, Crude fiber 1.15%, Lactose 1.10%

Authorization for Food and Health Supervision - MO - Prot. 0088901/16 of 11/26/2016

To be consumed preferably within 8 months from the date of the production batch.

Complementary food for dogs of all ages.

Ration: serve at the rate of 10% of the weight of the normal daily diet with plenty of fresh water separately.

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