Dolci Impronte® - The Sea - 4 pieces pack - 62 gr


Dolci Impronte® - The Sea - 4 pieces pack - 62 gr

Refined box containing 4 wonderful cookies in the "sea" theme, glazed and decorated, as always, by hand. Turtle, ball, starfish and sailboat.

Box of 62 gr in total

Cereal flour (soft wheat), butter, fructose, eggs, beekeeping by-products (honey) - Preservatives: E200 sorbic acid, E202 potassium sorbate.
Decorations with products from the pastry industry.

Authorization for Food and Health Supervision - ASL Zocca Prot. 0088901/16 of 11/26/2016

To be consumed preferably within 8 months from the date of the production batch.

Complementary food for dogs of all ages.

Ration: serve at the rate of 10% of the weight of the normal daily diet with plenty of fresh water separately.

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