Dolcimpronte - Special Cuvée - Apple based -200ml


Dolci Impronte® - Special Cuvée - 200ml

For a special and unforgettable toast, here is the non-alcoholic SPECIAL CUVEE based on apple juice.

Content: 200 ml.

Composition: apple juice, water, Cylon cinnamon.
Analytical components: Crude proteins 0.05%; Crude Fiber 0.04%; Fat content 0.02%

Store in a cool and dry place and not in direct light.

To be consumed preferably within 12 months from the batch date indicated.

Packaging in bottle with precious Dolci Impronte personalized ribbon.

Serve at room temperature at a rate of 10% of the daily ration of the daily diet, however, with plenty of fresh water separately.

Before use, check the ingredients in case of known allergies.

Barcode: 9998244791338

Labeled in Italy by Dolci Impronte srl Aut183 / 2005: 0088901 / 16- (MO) for Fifty srl Venezia Piva 03887230278

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