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Since 2017 a small artisan laboratory has been producing all Dolci Impronte products with great passion. Few enthusiastic girls dedicate all their wonderful artisan professionalism to producing Dolci Impronte biscuits and cakes.

Sara has the ideas, she puts them on paper, just like in the past, and then the pastry chefs create the samples.

Sara looks at them, turns them, thinks about it for weeks. They change even just a slight nuance of the color, of the glaze, they add something, they take away something else.

All this for a dog biscuit, you say? Yes, because perfection is our rule. Only the products that pass weeks of testing are then put into production and on sale.

But that's not all!

Nothing is ready. When an order arrives at the laboratory, it is produced, kneaded, put in the oven, dried, glazed, decorated, written. And at the end the package is prepared, calmly, without haste. Ribbon, labels and then the product leaves for the final destination: a 4-legged friend of ours who will be delighted!

Birthday cakes, Christmas, Easter, events, continuous products, personalized products, all this is Dolci Impronte. We receive praise every day of the year from all over the world, everyone is amazed by Dolci Impronte products.

Here Italy, the real one, the one recognized all over the world, the Italy we are proud of, is recognized. Enthusiasm, professionalism, manual skills, craftsmanship, creativity, that's what we are.

In our team there are veterinarians, biologists, chemists, customers and many friends who participate with their enthusiasm in our beautiful work.

Where is Dolci Impronte located?

The laboratory is in the province of Modena and the operational and commercial headquarters are located in Venice Mestre in via Felisati 70 30171



We are waiting for you in Venice Mestre, in via Felisati 70

Call for an appointment at +39 0413121531

Thank you.

How they are made? Here is the video for you.

Sara Ciccone Gatti Badoer