Our history?

We have been working in the wonderful world of Pet since 2005 and in 2017 we decided to produce High-Quality Pastry products in Italy, with refined packaging.

After a long search, we found our ideal partner: a small workshop run by some extremely talented, motivated pastry chefs with a touch of unmatched craftsmanship and class.

Therefore Dolci Impronte® was born.

Today they offer almost 200 different items, all "handmade" one by one by our pastry chefs and decorators. Yes, because when we receive an order, the product is made on the spot to ensure freshness and craftsmanship.

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Dolci Impronte® delights the palates of our dog and cat friends with typical specialties where Italian goodness and tradition blend perfectly. The recipes, made with the help of a veterinary nutritionist, are sugar-free and with high-quality raw materials, as much as possible at km0. Craftsmanship and attention to detail are the fundamental points of Dolci Impronte®, which creates artisan desserts also for holidays and special occasions: chocolate eggs, Easter doves, panettone, pandoro, etc. everything for our friends dogs and cats.

In a few years, Dolci Impronte® has made itself known throughout Italy and in 14 countries for the goodness and genuineness of its products.

If you have a Pet Shop and want to distribute our products, contact us at info@dolcimpronte.it or +390413121531, if you are a private customer just click on "buy online".

Easy isn't it?

Remember: we are always at your disposal.

Thank you, see you soon!

Sara - Cake Designer & Product Manager

Francesco - Director

The staff in February 2021 with Barbascura X, after an interview for Rai3

Dolci Impronte® production under Food and Health Supervision Authorization - ASL Zocca Prot. 0088901/16 of 11/26/2016